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The Christadelphians are a small religious body who have attempted to get back to the faith and character of the early Christian church. We have been in existence for nearly 150 years. The name 'Christadelphian' comes from two Greek words and means 'brothers and sisters in Christ'. Col 1:2, Heb 2:11

We have a Bible Reading class as well as a 'memorial meeting' or 'breaking of bread' service, on Sundays a Bible reading discussion on Tuesday nights and a Bible class on Thursday nights. All members partake of bread and wine and an 'exhortation' is given based on the Bible. Attendance at this service is the focus of our religious life.

We have a Sunday School and Youth Group and hold a Bible Study camp at the end of the year, with occasional fraternal talks on Saturdays. The Christadelphians are a close-knit community working in God's service in whatever ways we can.

online bible course

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Introduction to the Bible in 40 Lessons

This course thoroughly considers the main teachings of the Bible, with each lesson covering a different theme. You will find this most appropriate if you have some level of Bible knowledge. However, it is also useful even if you are new to the Bible. The topics include:

  • * God and Creation
  • * God So Loved the World
  • * The Kingdom of God
  • * The Jews in History
  • * The Life of Jesus
  • * The Holy Spirit
  • * Angels
  • * The Day of Judgement

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Upcoming Events

Summer Bible School

Sierra Farm

26-21 December

sunday school

We offer classes to all young people between 3 and 17 years old.

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